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This is our Volkswagen Campmobile ALL ORIGIAL - so original paint ,original interior, original everything.


On weekend it plays. It's a cabin in the woods, a mountain retreat or a cottage at the lake. During the week it work's, as a family wagon, delivery truck or both. Any standard VW station wagon, kombi or panel truck can be a Campmobile. It's just a matter of getting one of our Campmobile kits. You can get one installed in the VW you're now driving or you can order a new VW with a Campmobile kit built-in And you can get it anyway you want it. For travelers we have a basic kit, you get paneling, double bed, dinette, closets, cupboards and curtains. For people who've been spoiled with things like running water, stove, icebox, sink and john we have a Deluxe kit. And for those who like to go super de luxe we have a super deluxe kit complete with cabana tent, shower... there's even an upstairs. A nice thing about any of our Campmobiles is that the main components can be easily taken out and put back in. But the real beauty of the VW Campmobile is that it does away with reservations, packing, motel, hotel and restaurant bills and tipping bellboys. Of course than can be rough on the bellboys ...


Pictures were taken by the first owner of the bus in US the guy I bought this bus from